Do I need to do anything at home before i wax?

Hydrate! Make sure you are hydrating yourself throughout the days prior to your appointment. We also suggest exfoliating the day before to remove dead skin cells. Showering before your appointment is a great idea because clean skin lessens the likelihood of bacteria settling into the open pores after your wax. We pre-cleanse the area for this reason, so if you don’t have time, no worries!

Does Waxing hurt?

The level of discomfort is specific to each person. At Bare Waxing Center, we strive to be the best, so we have personally formulated our own wax for optimal comfort. In other words, our wax will grip your hair, not your skin. This makes it less-painful and easier to attain the cleanest results. For very sensitive skin, we suggest taking a pain reliever 20 minutes before your appointment if you feel it will help!

Can I wax during my menstrual cycle?

Of course! For your convenience, we always have towelettes and tampons available for your use. Just be aware that some may experience a slight increase in discomfort due to the hormonal influx you are experiencing.

I'm pregnant, can i still wax?

Congratulations! And yes, you can. We have had many clients who waxed up until their due date! You may experience an increase in sensitivity due to hormonal changes, and should always ask your doctor to be sure you have the all clear.

How often should I wax?

At Bare Waxing Center, we generally suggest waxing every four weeks. Depending on your hair growth rate and how long you have been waxing. You’ll get a feel for your best waxing schedule after your third wax.

How long should my hair be?

Your hair needs to be a quarter of an inch or long enough to pinch! We normally say “about the length of a grain of rice”.


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